Welcome to my dreamy little piece of life. I live in Hawaii with my family of five and operate Raine or Shine Pottery Co.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Beautiful Life

My life is so easy and beautiful! What a shock! What do you do with yourself when you're no longer hanging on for dear life? I guess I'll find out! I've had this feeling before and it makes me want to reach out and touch the world around me, not for despiration, not even for solace. Just for the joy of being alive with all the living things around me. .even people! I feel as though I've been lifted out of the mud and set in paradise. Everything is shiny and bright and clean. Except my bathrooms! My family life is taking shape. It's hard to believe just three months have gone by since our adventurous move to Hawaii. This wave of peace may leave me stranded on the beach, but I'm going to ride it all the way in.