Welcome to my dreamy little piece of life. I live in Hawaii with my family of five and operate Raine or Shine Pottery Co.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Place to Pot

I am settled now in a sweet little neighborhood on the bluffs in Kailua. Duplexes fill both sides of the street which gently curves until it reaches it's dead end. There are some 30 children living on this street, so there are many little people wandering about. Our street is quiet in the mornings and playful in the afternoon. I have a good view of the goings on down there from my second story living room. The entire set up affords me quite a bit of quiet. Which of course is my favorite thing in all the world! I have my studio coming together down stairs in my tidy finished garage. There is a utility sink, praise the Lord, and some nice white cupboards previously installed on the nicely finished white walls. It looks like everything is going to fit quite well.A private lanai sits off my back bedroom and a little square deck is just below it. Maybe this week I'll go to Honolulu for some clay and see about trying to throw back there. It would be quite solitary and refreshing. Just a few feet from the deck, a spindly tree and wild grass covered hill jets up, so there is nearly nothing back there. . . Just me, our Jackson chameleons and my wheel.