Welcome to my dreamy little piece of life. I live in Hawaii with my family of five and operate Raine or Shine Pottery Co.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Raine or Shine

At my wheel yesterday, the rain began to fall. I happened to be working with the largest piece of clay I have ever been able to make into something beautiful (not large really, but I'm still a newby remember.) or have I told you my beginning? I threw my first lump of clay last Spring, 2011. So that's not very long ago, I can throw any shape of pot I want but it has to be small, xtra small, tiny, or tincy-wincey. I've yet to figure out bowls and plates. Now I'm all about pots! Anywho, I was at my wheel on a summer's day and began to feel some rainfall. I wanted to call for a child to bring me an umbrella and hold it over me, because it was all going along so beautifully, but no one was near. So I began to rush, I don't rush very well. The rain felt nice anyway and I began to think "RAINE or Shine Potery CO." haha! Finally, the storm broke over head and threatened to wash my pot away alond with the magic I was feeling. I covered my station with a tarp and took cover. When I began this business endeavor, I was living in Washington state. I'd already been feeling the stirrings: we most assuredly would be heading back to Hawaii soon...and I would be doing pottery, rain or shine. At this point I was still reeling from the joy I'd found in pottery and the knowledge that it was one of those few things in life that will always be with me. Moving was of little consequence. I had just figured out "I am a potter!" Of course, I dreamed of potting outdoors all year long! Oh, how great would it be to throw and throw and never have my hands freeze up from the cold! Good-bye to those impossible Winter months, January, February and March! Now here I am contending with the sudden, warm and fragrant shower. If it had been naught for the pot, I would have happily endured. My life is a dream. . I can barely believe it's real, and I'm enjoying it because I know it will never last!