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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Techie? Not me

I am dying to post some photos of my Paradise. I do at least have that. So, what's the hold up? With the photos, I mean, not the pottery. I don't wish to talk about that (we are beginning week four of house-hunting!) You know, this is not my first blog, but I am IN NO WAYS techie. That is why I have this simple iPad. But don't be mislead! all the bennifits of its simplicity are not out weighing its limitations. To my greatest disappointement, the blogs I view have no music! Music! What are my favorite blogs without it? Soooo much less... pleasurable. And now the photo thing! I know there's some way to do it. I've accidentally created five mobile blogs and find myself to be much simpler than this lovely white thing I am now using to spout my frustrations!